S. T. Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

Import & trading Company


Warning, Revolving Light - DC24V & 12V, Color: Red, Amber, Green, Blue.
Diving Mask: Silicon, Rubber, PVC
 Bilge Pump - DC 12 V & DC 24 V - GPH-400 to 3000
 Luminous Tape (10, 5 & 2 hours) Size: 5CM X5M  /  2CM X 20M - Roll

160 MM Plastic Lure with Hook

L J - Series  - Lead Lure
Squid Jig - 3" & 3.5"
TK - Series -  Lead Lure
Spinner - Fishing lure
Trolling lure
Lead Lure 500G HL
Soft Lure: FLY-0724
FLY-SPINNER - Fishing Lure
Lead Lure V-75
Octopus Lure Size: 2.5", 3.5", 4.5", 5.5", 6.5" 7.5", 8.5"
180 MM Plastic lure with Hook
Jig Spoon Without Hook
Duck Fly With Hook (Yellow, Red & Blue)
 Brass Three Way Swivels 
 Brass Barrel Swivels
 Brass Barrel Swivels with Safety Snap

 Luminous Bead
 Luminous tube
 Fishing Pole
 Fishing Reel
 Fishing Rod
 Fluorescent light For gathering fishes underwater, Fishing purposes.
 Navigation Signal Light   Red, White & Green
 Navigation Signal Light  Masthead, Stern, Side red& green.
 Waterproof Fluorescent Lamp
 Fishing Line 
 Double Hook
6" PVC Fishing Reel without Brake
8" PVC Fishing Reel with Brake
 Marine Ball Compass

Fishing Hooks

 Tuna Hook
 Octopus Beak Hook
 Norway Hook
 New Norway Hook
 Moli Hook
 Kirby Sea hook
 Treble Hook
 Double Hook
 Jigging Hook
 Barbless Treble Hook